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Certified Sharpener & Wholesaler

About Craig Cazier

My name is Craig Cazier and I have been sharpening for more than 16 years. I am an NBTSG (National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild) Certified Grand Master Sharpener.

By virtue of my Master Sharpener status I was asked to judge at the new IBSA (International Beauty Sharpeners Association) certification test. This honor means that having judged at the NSSG, the NBTSG, and the new ISBA I am the ONLY person ever to have judged at all three of these certification events.

I have been factory trained at the Arius Eickert scissor factory in Fremont Ohio using factory approved equipment and I do continuing education in the form of training seminars and trade shows. I continue to attend these seminars and trade shows to include at least two a year. In 2006 I certified as Master Sharpener with the highest score achieved that year. In 2007 & 2008 I was asked to speak and judge the NSSG certification test along with several other nationally recognized sharpeners and trainers.